SIG now connect at GV2

On June 14th, SIG (Services Industriels de Genève) moved their CIXP port from CERN to Equinix GV2. This is because their router at CERN was end-of-life, and it was trivial to connect an existing router at Equinix. They continue to have a large infrastructure presence at CERN.

Annual closure

CERN will be closed from the 22nd December to the 6th of January, inclusive. Access to the CIXP premises will therefore be restricted to emergency interventions only. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Improved cooling and ventilation

Major work is underway to improve the cooling and ventilation system of the CIXP facility. The cooling system will be backed up by UPS, and in the telecoms corridor, two independent installations will pulse cold air from both ends using new aerial ducts. The warm air will be evacuated through the false floor, thus ensuring that a minimum amount of dust is present in the rooms themselves. The new system is scheduled to go live at the end of January.