News & updates

News & updates

Orange (AS6853) decided to stop peering at the CIXP, although they maintain a presence here. The peerings with the Route Servers were shut down on 18-Apr-2024.

Since late April, the Syndicat intercommunal d'énergie et de e-communication de l'Ain (SIEA) is peering at the CIXP.

An Oscilloquartz OSA5420 GNSS receiver has been configured as an NTP server for those CIXP customers who wish to avail themselves of the service. The server [] can only be queried from the CIXP VLAN.

Since March 7th, Cogent Communications also have a presence at the CERN site of the CIXP in addition to Equinix. However, they are not peering publicly.

We're pleased to announce that, as of today, the French ISP Milkywan is peering at the CIXP (10G).

Today, the Adeli peering connection was migrated from 1G copper to 10G fibre.

After many years of loyal service, the CIXP Brocade MLXe-16 switch at CERN was powered down at 15:00 today. All customers and services have been successfully migrated to its replacement, a Juniper QFX10002-72Q.

On Saturday, 26th February, the peering link between Orange Business Services and the CIXP was upgraded to 10 Gbps.

On Thursday 17th of February 2022, most CIXP customers at CERN were migrated from Brocade to a new Juniper switch. We took the opportunity to refresh the website's traffic graphs using InfluxDB and Grafana rather than the RRDtool. Check out the new look at

At noon today, a linecard of one of the CIXP switches died. The hardware replacement and subsequent software updates caused some customer BGP sessions to bounce a few times. Our apologies for the inconvenience!

IX Reach (now BSO) have migrated from ASN43531 to ASN4455. They peer with both the Equinix and CERN Route Servers.

We've added today new peerings to the CIXP route servers.

The peerings are with Salt AS15796, IPv4 and IPv6.

This morning, Infomaniak upgraded their CIXP connectivity to two times 10Gbps.

The CIXP switch at CERN is being migrated to a new Juniper QFX10002 platform. The connection with CERN has already been moved to the new switch and increased to 40G, and the State of Geneva was successfully moved during the evening of February 3rd.

Packet Clearing House is now connected to the CIXP from Equinix. Both AS42 and AS3856 are connected (IPv4 and IPv6).

Long-standing CIXP member Gas&Com is now peering at 10Gbps.

GTT Communications (AS3257), the new owners of KPN Eurorings, have decided to stop peering at the CIXP and will permanently disconnect AS286 this week.

The bandwidth of the VTX peering at the CIXP has been upgraded from 1Gbps to 10 Gbps.

On the 22nd and 23rd of September, CIXP customers using 48V were migrated to a new, state-of-the-art 48V installation. The heart of the new 48V system consists of four rectifier units capable of providing 200A each. They are configured as two redundant pairs, with one rectifier per pair being backed by a diesel generator. The new 48V system has a level of redundancy that is better than many hospital operating theatres! upgraded their CIXP connection from 1 Gbps to 10 Gbps!

The CIXP web site has been ported to Drupal 8 and given a fresh look.

Today, Init7 upgraded their peering at the CIXP from 1Gbps to 10Gbps!

On Monday, 20th August, the CIXP peering connection with GEANT (AS20965) was upgraded to from 1 Gbps to 10 Gbps

Since the 23rd of February, the CIXP website is using HTTPS. Note that we redirect any HTTP traffic to HTTPS automatically.

Viatel, a CIXP member, announced today that Viatel and VTLWaveNet have joined the Digiweb group, headquartered in Dublin. For further information, visit and

Major work is underway to improve the cooling and ventilation system of the CIXP facility. The cooling system will be backed up by UPS, and in the telecoms corridor, two independent installations will pulse cold air from both ends using new aerial ducts. The warm air will be evacuated through the false floor, thus ensuring that a minimum amount of dust is present in the rooms themselves. The new system is scheduled to go live at the end of January.