These procedures apply to all CIXP customers and their sub-contractors. The definitive list of customers and their authorized sub-contractors is kept by the CIXP manager and is distributed internally to various distribution lists and to the CERN Access Registration Service (EDMS: 1208875).

  • Customers must send all access requests to, stating:

    1. First Name, Surname & company

    2. Date & Time & expected duration of the intervention

    3. Which technical area needs to be accessed (i.e. room and rack ID)

    4. Brief description of work to be done

  • CIXP validates against the list of known customers, and sends a request to the Access Registration service.

  • When the request is granted, CIXP informs the customer and provides further instructions:

  • If access is during working hours (08:00-17:45), the access card must be picked up at the reception of Building 33. The ID check is done by the reception.

  • Outside working hours, the access card will have been left with the guard at the main gate (Entrance B). A security agent will then accompany the engineer to 513 after his/her credentials have been validated.

  • In the event of an emergency access request made outside working hours, and there has not been enough time to prepare an access card, the customer shall go directly to the guard at the main entrance (Gate B). The guard will check that the company is on the official CIXP access list (EDMS: 1208875), and inform the computer centre operator of the arrival. A security agent will then accompany the engineer to the computer centre.

  • At the computer centre (513), the operator logs the visit and grants access to the customer’s equipment in the CIXP technical area after having checked that the name on the access card corresponds to the e-mail sent to cixp-access.

    Note: The Registration Forms for Personnel of Contractors and the declaration for the French work inspection ("Déclaration Préalable d'Intervention à l'Inspection du Travail du Lieu d'Intervention") do not need to be filled in. These documents are required by subcontractors coming on-site to execute work under a CERN mandate. In the case of CIXP, customers are working on their own equipment and are entirely responsible for their own contractors.

Shipping Equipment

Equipment for the CIXP must be brought in through the Entrée Marchandises of the Meyrin site (Gate “D”). It must be accompanied by a Pro-Forma invoice or other proof of ownership which must be presented to, and stamped by, the Goods Reception in building 194. If shipped from abroad, all customs duties must have already been paid (DDP – Delivery Duty Paid) by the equipment’s owner i.e. not CERN.

The ship-to address is:

Small (desk-top) packages

Larger packages

<Customer Name> c/o CIXP

<Customer Name> c/o CIXP

Computer Operator, 513-R-069


385, rte de Meyrin

1211 Genève 23, Suisse

CC Operations, 513-R-053


385, rte de Meyrin

1211 Genève 23, Suisse

The Meyrin goods entrance is open 08h00 - 12h00 / 13h00 – 16h00.