Network operators are encouraged to establish interconnections at the CIXP in any of the following ways:

  • IP peerings (see also Peering contacts): via the CIXP peering mesh or back-to-back, using physical cabling or dedicated VLANs:


    • The CIXP peering mesh needs no particular prerequisite besides the standard CIXP membership: an IP address in the CIXP subnet is assigned to every member when joining. CIXP may authorize the assignment of additional IP addresses if required.


    • Physical cabling is only possible between equipment at the same CIXP location (CERN computer centre or Equinix data centres in Geneva).


    • Dedicated VLANs can span between CIXP locations; additional ports on the CIXP infrastructure may be allocated for this purpose, however for technical reasons the interconnection speed may be restricted.


  • Circuit interconnections (restricted to equipment at the same CIXP location).


  • Fibre interconnections (restricted to equipment at the same CIXP location).


Please contact for more details.